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It has been documented that the development of oil and gas mines in Galicia began in 1810. Since 1861 mining has been conducted in an industrial way. Drilling companny Goryzonty, continues the traditions of development, conducts drilling of oil and gas wells, major repairs and provides a full range of related services and works.

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Drilling Fluids Service

Правильний вибір  типу промивальної рідини при спорудженні свердловин забезпечує

Proper selection of drilling mud helps to:

  • increase productivity of reservoir;
  • prevent stuck pipe due to wellbore instability;
  • minimize drilling risks in deviated and horizontal wells;
  • reduce time for well construction.

Drilling fluid service includes:

  • On-site engineering service for drilling and well completion fluids
  • Mud program design
  • Preparing drilling fluids for Workover operation
  • Supply of required chemicals and materials as per Client request
  • Daily reporting and End-of-Well-Report for each project
  • Monitoring of solids control systems

Сервіс бурових розчинів включає

Наші переваги

Наші переваги

Our advantages:

  • 10+ years of experience in drilling deviated and horizontal wells;
  • Two Field Units for mud testing fully equipped with the required tools and materials according to API standards (made by OFITE, USA);
  • Our own logistic base for storing an emergency stock of chemical reagents;
  • Only certified materials are used;
  • Application of modern systems of drilling fluids on a water-based (Spud Mud, Low clay inhibited, KCL-Polymer, KCL-Polymer HTHP, KCL-Polymer Polyamine);
  • Partnership Agreement with major service companies to work with oil-based drilling mud (OBM) systems.