We carry the
energy of the earth's interior to people

It has been documented that the development of oil and gas mines in Galicia began in 1810. Since 1861 mining has been conducted in an industrial way. Drilling companny Goryzonty, continues the traditions of development, conducts drilling of oil and gas wells, major repairs and provides a full range of related services and works.

Our equipment

Drilling Company Goryzonty LLC is a drilling company that operates self-propelled drilling rigs: IDECO SBS DIR-806, 160 tons load capacity, production of Austria; machine tool Cardwell 200C, production USA, carrying capacity 125 t; and a plant for major repairs of wells A-50 with a carrying capacity of 50 tons. The drilling rigs are equipped with a system of cleaning MiSWACO solution, 2 sets of certified anti-dumping equipment, power plants of various capacities from 30 to 400 kW

Below is a detailed list of types of equipment that the company operates: