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It has been documented that the development of oil and gas mines in Galicia began in 1810. Since 1861 mining has been conducted in an industrial way. Drilling companny Goryzonty, continues the traditions of development, conducts drilling of oil and gas wells, major repairs and provides a full range of related services and works.

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Drilling rig КРС A50

Буровий верстат КРС A50

Description Characteristic
Unit type A-50U
Assignment of the unit Designed for the development and repair of oil and gas wells and the following operations: - Installation - dismantling at the well; - Lifting operations with drilling and pumping tubes, rods; - Sanding of corks, jamming of wells, circulation of washing solution during drilling, milling; - Drilling; - Carrying out of fishing works and other works on elimination of accidents in a well.
Assembly unit Car KrAZ-257;
Rotor two-speed drilling rig driven by MN250 / 100, bore hole - 142mm, maximum speed of 70 rpm, maximum load - 60t.
Drill candle length, m 16;
Power drive KrAZ-257 car engine;
Mast (tower) Telescopic, inclined with rollers of auxiliary winch, limiting the extension of the upper section. Height - 22,4m. Cronblock - two-axis, four-roller. Hakoblok - three-roller, uniaxial.