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It has been documented that the development of oil and gas mines in Galicia began in 1810. Since 1861 mining has been conducted in an industrial way. Drilling companny Goryzonty, continues the traditions of development, conducts drilling of oil and gas wells, major repairs and provides a full range of related services and works.

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Drilling rig Cardwell KB 200 C

Бурова установка Cardwell KB 200 C

Description Characteristic
Type of unit mobile (self-propelled) rig with mechanical drive for drilling, development and repair of wells.
Assignment of drilling, development and repair (including major) oil, gas and other wells (including hydrogen sulphide content up to 6%) and related operations
Lifting capacity kN (t) 1250 (125);
Depth of application of the unit Drilling - 2743,2m (Drilling tool 73mm); 2286m (89mm Drilling Tool); 1828,8m (114mm Drilling Tool) Service and repair works - 6000m (73mm tubing)
Drive mechanism CAT 3408-DITA diesel engine, 450hp. (335.5kW);
Drilling winch "CARDWELL K200C" - maximum power of 400 hp (300kW).
Tower model "25596", sectional, telescopic, length - 29,5m, on 4 legs-supports. The length of the candle columns of pipes rising 18,0 - 20,0m.
Crown unit construction "Cardwell", lifting capacity 125t.
Rotor Gardner Denver RT 171/2 ”x 44” (455mm x 1118mm), through hole - 445mm, maximum static load 272t. max. sw. about. - 300rpm
Auxiliary winch "Tusla H938" with a lifting capacity - 1t.
Drilling Type (A) Rotary;
Pump (2 pcs.) Pump type - TWS 600S, max. power - 447kW, 600hp
BPO: Universal Shaver Shaffer-70MPa;
BPO: Dual Spot Preventor Shaffer-70MPa;